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The secret of Beaufort, South Carolina is getting out. Kendra Todd, author of Risk and Grow Rich: How to Make Millions in Real Estate and winner of Donald Trump's Apprentice 3, published an article in 2007 entitled The Best Places to Retire and Stretch Your Real Estate Dollar. Beaufort, South Carolina was the only southern state on her list of a mere five locations, which she called, "My five primo retirement cities."

"Ninety minutes south of Charleston lies this city of about 13,000 on Port Royal Island," says Todd. "Surrounded by tidal wetlands and small islands and steeped in military culture, Beaufort is distinguished by having its entire downtown designated a historic treasure. Health care is plentiful and homes with a view of the changing marshlands can start as low as $275,000."

Todd's research took into account:

  • 1. Cost of living - Can retirees buy a nice house without taking on a mortgage, and can they live comfortably on their investments?
  • 2. Climate - Most people want someplace warm, which is why Florida and Arizona attract retired folks like Disney World attracts kids.
  • 3. Things to do - Most retirees I work with are dynamos who want to travel, learn to surf and swing dance in their spare time. They need to live in a place with scheduled onsite activities, a surrounding area where they can find arts, culture, sports and entertainment, or both.
  • 4. Community - Not all retirees want to hang out only with people their age, but most want a social network. I don't find too many older couples looking to move to a cabin deep in the woods of British Columbia.
  • National Geographic Adventure magazine, which boasts more than 575,000 subscribers and 2.3 million readers once published a cover story boasting the 50 Best Adventure Towns.

    "With an ideal mix of terrain, activity, and opportunity, each of the action hubs [Editor Dan Koeppel] found could inspire a complete and total life change," states the opening article, touting the list as the "first ever guide to the best mountain, urban, coastal, wilderness, and small towns in every state, where you can live the adventure dream daily."

    Once again, Beaufort, South Carolina was the only southern city named to a list of only nine Top Waterfront Towns according to the magazine noting, "Forrest Gump was filmed in this seaside retreat on Port Royal Island, and Beaufort still hosts a big shrimp festival every autumn. Watch for bottlenose dolphins while you sea kayak the salt marshes."
    Southern Living magazine has also named Beaufort #1 in its list of Favorite Small Southern Towns based exclusively on a poll of 47,000 Southern Living readers according to the Beaufort Gazette.

    Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Beaufort's many kind accolades are how each one honors a different aspect of the area. If you have had the opportunity to read John Villani s The 100 Best Art Towns in America, you would find Beaufort listed. The arts are a part of the downtown that visitors flock to year after year. The Beaufort Film Festival which drawa hundreds of entries each year, from 12 different U.S. States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Taiwan, Philippines, Hungary and Ireland. Winners are announced on the final evening of the event in the film categories of feature, documentary, student and short categories, and animation.

    Keeping Beaufort's charm and beauty hush-hush is nothing short of impossible. Fortunately, the residents here embody the nature of true southern hospitality. With welcoming hearts and open arms, no visitor is a stranger and no neighbor goes unnoticed.

    Bring on the accolades and awards! One only needs to see the smiling, warm faces of our residents for the secret to get out - Beaufort is beautiful, charming, historic, active, cultured, diverse, refined, comfortable, lively, charismatic, pleasant, fascinating, sophisticated, relaxing, magnetic and more.

    To learn more about Beaufort, South Carolina, visit the Beaufort Regional Chamber of Commerce at Beaufortsc.org